Money & Costs
There are four international banks on Anguilla; all are located in the Valley, and have ATMs dispensing US and Eastern Caribbean dollars. The conversion rate is US$1.00 = EC$2.68
A 15% service charge is added to most restaurant bills and no further tipping is necessary however guests may offer an additional gratuity for exemplary service.


Health & safety

Medical services

The island’s Princess Alexandra Hospital  is in the Valley. There are also several Government health clinics throughout the island as well as private medical centers.
The Government-run Dental Unit is located in The Valley, as well as two private dental clinics.


The average annual temperature is 80.6°F (27°C), with the hottest weather occurring during the the months of June to November. June, July and August, however, are known to be quite lovely as the intense humidity only kicks in around September. The average annual rainfall is 35in. The lightest rainfall is generally from February to April and the heaviest from October to December.

Anguilla has state of the art telecommunications services. The two local telephone service providers are LIME (formerly Cable & Wireless) and Digicel. Several North American and European telecommunications providers have agreements with these companies to provide mobile telephone services. However, please note that long distance calls are quite expensive and roaming charges in the Caribbean in general are costly. Hi speed wireless internet service is available at most hotels and villas and throughout the island.

Getting Here & Back

Entering the country

Travel Documents You'll Need
A valid passport (not expiring during stay in Anguilla) is required by all visitors to Anguilla. Visitors are required to have a return or onward ticket. Additionally, citizens of certain countries will also need entry visas (Please be sure to enquire if unsure). Green card holders must have a valid green card and valid passport from their country of origin.

Anguilla is located in the Eastern Caribbean, (18º North Latitude and 63º West Longitude) just one-hour east of Puerto Rico and seven minutes north of Dutch St. Maarten by air; and just under 30 minutes north from French St. Martin or Dutch St. Maarten by ferry.

There are a number of options available for getting to Anguilla.
Visitors can fly directly into Anguilla's Wallblake Airport from Puerto Rico via Cape Air and LIAT, or opt to fly directly to St. Maarten, Antigua, St. Thomas or St. Kitts for easy ferry or air transfer to Anguilla.

St. Maarten/Martin: St. Maarten via scheduled and chartered air with Anguilla Air Services or WINAIR.

San Juan via Cape Air and LIAT

St. Thomas via LIAT

Antigua and St. Kitts via LIAT

Transferring from St. Maarten to Anguilla
There are several options for transfers to Anguilla from Princess Juliana Airport in Dutch St. Maarten.
By Sea From Dutch St Maarten:
Sea Shuttle Service:   A scheduled Sea Shuttle service enables guests to take a shared motor launch from the lagoon near Juliana Airport to Blowing Point Ferry Port in Anguilla without the high price of a private motor launch.  The Sea Shuttle will meet main flights from the US and Europe that arrive in the afternoon.  There  is also be a Sea Shuttle available to take guests to St. Maarten to catch their planes. 
Private Boat Charter /Motor Launch: A 25-minute boat ride departs from the nearby lagoon at Princess Juliana Airport and disembarks at the Blowing Point Ferry Port in Anguilla.  Guests must first clear Immigration and Customs in St. Maarten and then proceed to Anguilla. Maximum 12 persons per private charter.
The lagoon dock in St. Maarten opens at 8:30am and closes at 6:00pm daily. Due to Dutch regulations in St. Maarten the private boats cannot operate beyond 6pm. After 6pm guests are required to take the 7:00pm ferry from Marigot (French St. Martin) to Anguilla. 
By Sea From French St. Martin
Public Ferry to and from St. Martin:  The first ferry departs (Blowing Point Ferry Port) Anguilla at 7:30am and (Marigot) St. Martin at 8:15am daily, with boats departing each port at  45 minute intervals.  THE LAST FERRY DEPARTS ST. MARTIN AT 7:00PM.  Passengers taking the ferry must have their names on the manifest 15 minutes prior to departure.  NO ADVANCE RESERVATIONS. The Ferry crossing is approximately 30 minutes between both Islands.
By Air From Dutch St Maarten
Private charters can also be arranged with Anguilla Air Services (264-498-5822)
By Air From Puerto Rico
VIP Private or shared charters can also be arranged with

Getting around

There is no official public transportation on Anguilla. Visitors will either need to rent a car or rely on  taxis. You may see bus-stop signs in various spots – there is a private company on the island that drives a shuttle around for hotel employees; however, this is not a public service.

Car Rental

Car rental is readily available on Anguilla from several car rental companies. The island is very flat and there is sporadic  traffic . If you’re arriving by ferry, there are car-rental operations right at the pier. From the airport, most rental services are just a short ride away. It’s best to book in advance during high season.

Temporary Driver's licenses are required - US $ 20.00 – if renting a car. The  car rental agent will provide the license when you rent your vehicle.

Driving on Anguilla is on the left. Average speed is 30 mph or 20 mph in villages and school areas

Local transport

Taxi fares have been standardized across the island. Taxis are readily available at the airport and ferry; there is a small taxi booth in both locations that can organize your transportation needs. Hotels and other accommodation providers can also arrange taxi services.

Same as in North America, 110 volts AC

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