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When Chloe and Theron Loizos first visited Anguilla they were in their early twenties and had no idea that they would one day be the owners of one of Anguilla's most popular restaurants.

Raised in Marin County, California, Theron and Chloe both had good taste in their blood from the start. Theron’s parents once owned a Greek Restaurant and both Chloe’s mother and sister are chefs. Chloe's mother Zoe Tise-Hodge has worked as a private chef in Anguilla fo over ten years and her sister was the executive chef at Cerulean for three years.

Theron and Chloe met in high school and fell in love years later while they were both working at high end restaurants in the Bay Area. These formative years working in restaurants nourished a love of great food and taught them what it takes to operate a successful eatery.

Soon after they were married, Theron and Chloe were visiting Anguilla when they were struck by an incredible craving for Mexican food. Their cravings quickly turned into a dream and within months they had packed up their life in Northern California and opened Picante, Anguilla's first Mexican restaurant.



HIgh Season (December-May)closed Tuesdays

Low season (May- August) closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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We are located on the West End.



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